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Allen Shervelle

“Bible Belt”

Allen Shervelle, aka “Nashville’s Superman,” is a Jersey boy who got his start in rock music as a drummer in high school. He began writing songs after his first major breakup in college, and started working with pro songwriter/mentor Marc Alan Barnette, along with NSAI in 2009, which led him to the country music scene of Nashville in 2010. When Allen loves something, he’s all in (he has 150+ Superman shirts to prove it) and music is no exception. As one the of hardest working people you’ll ever meet, Allen has spent the past few years making his mark in Nashville by writing with hit songwriters including Jimbeau Hinson and Jan Buckingham, playing in a duo called JUSTICE with recording artist Jon Webber, releasing two CDs “You’re My Superhero” and “Bible Belt,” as well as performing and writing with up-and-coming songwriters and artists of all levels. Allen has had his battles with the bottle along the way, but has used them as inspiration for some of his best songs. You would hardly believe that he was once a shy kid, as Allen is the first one in a room smile, crack a joke, or lend a helping hand. There is no doubt that Allen’s unforgettable melodies, authentic lyrics, work ethic, and likable personality will get him far in this town. Allen joins long time co-writer and friends Matt Casey and Keith Dozier at (North East of Nashville) NEON Publishing. At the end of the day, his music goals are simple: Inspire people with hope, have fun, and rock!

“Allen Shervelle is one of the hardest working new comers I have met in recent years. He is a stand-up great guy who pours his heart and soul into everything he does. If I had to pick only one new-to-town person to recommend for the world famous Bluebird Cafe to swing wide its gate and let in… it would be Allen Shervelle. I’ve seen him grow in leaps and bounds as a writer, an entertainer, and a networker. Slacker is not in his vocabulary. This guy is here to play with the big boys. I highly recommend that you give him a shot at it.” -Jimbeau Hinson

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