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Ashley DeGrazia

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Performing has been an integral part of Ashley Dawn’s life since the age of two. Being from a musical family, she began singing as soon as she could talk and would fearlessly perform for any audience willing to watch and listen.

In her early years, she was trained by her Father’s love 60s-70s rock and roll, her older Brothers’ taste in hard rock and 90s grunge, and her Mother’s exposure to 80s-90s pop which included hours with the home karaoke machine and songs from divas such as  Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

She has since honed her craft, earning a Masters Degree in Music Education with a concentration in Voice. You can find her performing with her band as well as alongside many other musicians both in acoustic and full-band settings.

Influenced by rock, blues, folk and pop, her original music is laced with impeccable multi-part harmonies and heartfelt vocal melodies over feel-good piano foundations that is able to connect with a wide range of music lovers.