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Jillian Jensen

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My name is Jillian Jensen and I am a 24 year old singer songwriter from the South Coast of Massachusetts! I have been performing on a stage since the young age of 2 years old and in that time I have been extremely lucky to have some incredible experiences. In 2007, I was crowned Miss Massachusetts Teen America where my love of community service and talent landed me into the nationals. My platform the “Magic Of Music” is an organization that builds funds to give away scholarships to individuals who wish to pursue music, however, lack the finances to get lessons or have instruments of their own. In the past decade I have been blessed to be a part of so many people lives by enhancing them with the gift of music their my program.

Then in 2012 my career took a very interesting leap, as that September I had my television debut on Fox’s The X Factor USA. Over night my audition gained millions of views on social media and my name became known all over the world to individuals, whom like myself, have a story. That season I made it to the Top 24 on the show and had the incredible opportunity to work with one of my idols Miss Demi Lovato. After my time on the show I began speaking more and more in schools on behalf of AntiBullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self harm, Suicide, as well as other important epidemics. I feel extremely proud knowing that I have had the opportunity to help so many all over simply by telling my story and just being there as a listening ear for those in need.

In 2013, my family convinced me to give the shows another go and THIS time I wanted everything to be STRICTLY about my music versus my life. So I went out for American Idol and there I met some amazingly talented people and landed myself in the top 30 for the season with one of my original songs entitled “In Your Arms”. It was such an awesome experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I then went on to release an album in 2014, which was an all original album and included that song “In Your Arms” as a bonus track! My Album “Stages” can be found on iTunes as well as in the store category on here! So feel free to give it a listen! I have also released many singles as well as music videos and cover videos online that you can find on my youtube channel and facebook page!

So where am I now… Well! I am proud to say that I have been providing for myself via my music since I was 17 years old whether I be on a stage somewhere, singing at a wedding with my wedding band every weekend, singing at a nursing home / rehab center, speaking or performing at a school, teaching music lessons, writing and composing for myself or other artists… just everything music. I simply can’t get enough of it and I appreciate you being a part of my support system more than you know!

If you would like to come out to a gig simply check out my schedule in the navigation bar above and feel free to check out my music on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Facebook, etc. and Keep On Rockin!