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Soul Jacker

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Soul Jacker mashes up the old school spirit of artists like Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, James Brown and Prince with the modern Funk & Soul of artists like Bruno Mars, Leon Bridges and Childish Gambino to deliver highly energetic and infectious interpretations of their beats to the dance floor.

Soul Jacker consists of New England Music Award’s 2018 MALE PERFORMER OF THE YEAR Munk Duane (vocals/guitar), Jim Gambino (keys), Edan Dayan (bass), Aaron Belyea (sax) and Mike Levesque (drums), a group of music industry veterans, uniquely qualified to bring the authenticity of the genre. The members have appeared in previous incarnations on the Late Night talk shows, performed with legends, such as David Bowie and had their compositions used in hundreds of television shows, from The 70th Annual Tony Awards to The Sopranos to the Super Bowl XLIV Half-Time Show.