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Timmy Brown

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Timmy Brown is a singer/songwriter/Nashville recording artist from Norton, MA, who has a definite style of his own. His infectious energy and talent have made him a local favorite, and he has grown an avid fan base around the New England area. Timmy’s debut EP “Leave This Town” was released on April 9, 2016. This EP was recorded in the well-known Sound Emporium and Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN. Timmy’s first single “Lil Bit” was released on iTunes April 18th, 2016, and made its way to the top 100 charts on iTunes that day. The song “Fly Away” also on this EP is one that is near and dear to his heart. This song was written for his grandma that passed away. She was his best friend but also a huge influence on his decision to pursue music and follow his dream.  Listening to this song, you can feel the emotion and love he had for her. Timmy started playing the piano at the age of five and ever since then, music became his life. Once he graduated from high school, he began playing solo shows at local events and restaurants. Throughout that time, he had auditioned for TV shows such as “The Voice,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “American Idol.” It wasn’t until his third audition in which he was selected to be on Season 14 of American Idol. Shortly after his audition, he was approached by members of a local country band Black Diamond and was asked to become the lead singer. His love of music is most evident when on that stage performing. It’s as though someone has just flipped a switch and the light just sparkles in his eyes. Timmy was born to perform, and you can feel the excitement in not only him but the audience as well. You can catch him playing his acoustic shows every week and also full band shows with Black Diamond! Musical Influences: Brad Paisley, Randy Travis, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean!