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Greg Burroughs

Greg Burroughs

Greg Burroughs was introduced to Matt Casey at the BMI Key West Songwriters Festival. He instantly noticed the passion Matt has for his music and songwriting when Matt asked to leave his suitcase next to the stage by Greg’s guitar case so that he could stay longer, see and meet more performers and writers, and hear more music before heading to the airport.

“I instantly knew this guy meant business and he would be fun to work with,” says Greg, who didn’t start working with Matt and NEON Music Management until several years later. “We developed a professional friendship and it just kept naturally growing from there. Like myself, I could tell Matt was a guy who has his hands in a lot of different projects, and hustles nonstop to bring them all to fruition. I could tell he made stuff happen and didn’t just talk about it.”

When Greg officially began working with Matt and the NEON team, the two wondered why they hadn’t started sooner. Pulling from his relationships and experience independently booking his own band 1000 plus shows in nearly every state across the country, Greg has quickly found a rhythm working NEON’s calendars and growing the client base to impressive new levels.

In addition to performing and booking, Greg has worn many hats in his over a decade long career in the music industry.  He has tour managed top level acts, coproduced studio albums, played and sang on studio albums, written tracks recorded and released by various other artists and projects, and even charted several of his own releases on the iTunes Country Albums Charts in the top 100.

Greg currently plays piano, organ, synth, auxiliary guitar and sings harmony vocals for southern California based rock band, The Brevet.  This year alone, they have toured 46 states and 2 countries, including performances at Firefly Music Festival, Bottlerock Music Festival, and been featured on LA’s KROQ radio in addition to others. He is a 2008 graduate of Berklee College of Music, and is currently based in Oakland, CA.