NEON Music Management

Keith Dozier

Keith Dozier is co-founder and staff writer for North East Of Nashville (NEON) Publishing, a sister company to North East Of Nashville (NEON) Music Management. Originally from Knoxville, TN, Keith moved to Nashville in 2008 to pursue his songwriting career and show his two boys that you can make dreams come true, you just gotta run ‘em down.  Since making the move, Keith has had continued success as a songwriter.  In addition to creating strong relationships with many different publishers, artists, and labels on Music Row with his songs, Keith also won the 2013 NSAI/CMT Song Contest in 2013 with his song “Plain White Tee”, a song he co-wrote with fellow North East Of Nashville (NEON) Music Management guru  Matt Casey and David Wagner. Keith’s songs have been recorded by several independent Nashville artists, as well as North East Of Nashville (NEON) Music Management artists such as Tom Dixon and Alec McGillivray. Keith will be utilizing his Nashville connections to help songwriters/artists from New England build relationships and book shows in and around the Nashville area.