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Matt Casey

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Matt Casey decided to create North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management because of his passion for music and songwriting, as well as his expertise in business and event planning.  Matt is a Boston native who has been traveling to Nashville regularly since 2010.  Matt grew up listening to more Bruce Springsteen than Merle Haggard, but he quickly fell in love with country music. The Nashville co-writing process has enabled him to be a part of the songwriting community as a lyricist. Matt was named “One To Watch” by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) in 2011 and founded New England To Nashville (NETN), a group that has grown to 800 songwriters with New England roots who travel to or now reside in Twang Town.  He is also founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival that has featured hit writers Steve Seskin, Jim McCormick, Will Robinson, Brian Maher, Danny Myrick, Lance Carpenter Jason Blume, Marty Dodson, and Clay Mills.  Matt  was a finalist in the 2013 “Songs that Save” contest benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for a song he co-wrote with Maureen Fichten called, “In The Middle of Nowhere”.  Also in 2013, Matt won the CMT/NSAI Song of the year, “Plain White Tee” that he co-wrote with David Wagner and Keith Dozier. Soon after Matt joined forces with Keith and Allen Shervelle in launching North East Of Nashville (NEON)Publishing. Matt is also the Chief Executive Officer and Director of, Inc. Matt is the former Vice President of Marketing & Sales at School Sports Communications Network, LLC, a Boston-based startup publishing company. As a founding member, Matt was responsible for building and transforming this local ‘brick and mortar’ start-up into a successful, nationally recognized Internet business. Through his tenure, he developed an expertise in event marketing, sales development and distribution. Matt graduated from the University of Rochester in 1991.

Amanda Morneault

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.42.32 PMAmanda Morneault is the owner and founder of The Harbor Agency, Portsmouth, NH, specializing in Booking, Event Production, and Co-Founder of the New England Country Music Festival. While Amanda works as an agent for artists, a talent buyer for venues, she is most known for her recent successes in production management. Amanda’s love for music began as a young child sitting on her fathers lap in the drivers seat of a tour bus. Morneault grew up in a household full of musicians that included professional drummers and a mother with a beautiful voice.  She often jokes that the reason she works behind the scenes is due to her lack of musical talents.In 2011 Amanda joined her families business, New England Mobile Audio, where she took on the role as director of sales and booking.  This gave her an opportunity to build strong relationships with other industry professionals. She continues to work side by side NEMA.  Amanda has surrounded The Harbor Agency with a strong team of go-to pros from audio to ticketing and promotional companies which enables her to provide a full service agency to artists and venues. Morneault’s career gained momentum in 2014. She begun working with National Touring Artists like The Cadillac Three. She was  bringing quality entertainment to seacoast New Hampshire to multiple venues – as highlighted by contributing entertainment writer for The Hippo, Michael Whitthaus.  In 2015 Morneault partnered with Chris Whynock of New England Country Music to produce a full production country music festival at the Redhook Brewery inPortsmouth, NH, which has turned into a successful annual event. Amanda prides herself on her likability with her peers and her love for each artists accomplishments. “If I can help an artist to succeed in any way, then it is worth all of my time and effort.  Working with these dedicated individuals is a gift and the reason I love my job so much.”When Amanda isn’t working with artists you can find her spending time with her children in the back woods of Maine or on a paddle board off the beaches of New Hampshire.

Keith Dozier

Keith DozierKeith Dozier is co-founder and staff writer for North East Of Nashville (NEON) Publishing, a sister company to North East Of Nashville (NEON) Music Management.Originally from Knoxville, TN, Keith moved to Nashville in 2008 to pursue his songwriting career and show his two boys that you can make dreams come true, you just gotta run ‘em down.Since making the move, Keith has had continued success as a songwriter.In addition to creating strong relationships with many different publishers, artists, and labels on Music Row with his songs, Keith also won the 2013 NSAI/CMT Song Contest in 2013 with his song “Plain White Tee”, a song he co-wrote with fellow North East Of Nashville (NEON) Music Management guruMatt Casey and David Wagner.Keith’s songs have been recorded by several independent Nashville artists, as well as North East Of Nashville (NEON) Music Management artists such as Tom Dixon and Alec McGillivray.Keith will be utilizing his Nashville connections to help songwriters/artists from New England build relationships and book shows in and around the Nashville area.

Greg Burroughs

Greg Burroughs

Greg Burroughs was introduced to Matt Casey at the BMI Key West Songwriters Festival. He instantly noticed the passion Matt has for his music and songwriting when Matt asked to leave his suitcase next to the stage by Greg’s guitar case so that he could stay longer, see and meet more performers and writers, and hear more music before heading to the airport. “I instantly knew this guy meant business and he would be fun to work with,” says Greg, who didn’t start working with Matt and NEON Music Management until several years later. “We developed a professional friendship and it just kept naturally growing from there. Like myself, I could tell Matt was a guy who has his hands in a lot of different projects, and hustles nonstop to bring them all to fruition. I could tell he made stuff happen and didn’t just talk about it.” When Greg officially began working with Matt and the NEON team, the two wondered why they hadn’t started sooner. Pulling from his relationships and experience independently booking his own band 1000 plus shows in nearly every state across the country, Greg has quickly found a rhythm working NEON’s calendars and growing the client base to impressive new levels. In addition to performing and booking, Greg has worn many hats in his over a decade long career in the music industry.  He has tour managed top level acts, coproduced studio albums, played and sang on studio albums, written tracks recorded and released by various other artists and projects, and even charted several of his own releases on the iTunes Country Albums Charts in the top 100. Greg currently plays piano, organ, synth, auxiliary guitar and sings harmony vocals for southern California based rock band, The Brevet.  This year alone, they have toured 46 states and 2 countries, including performances at Firefly Music Festival, Bottlerock Music Festival, and been featured on LA’s KROQ radio in addition to others. He is a 2008 graduate of Berklee College of Music, and is currently based in Oakland, CA.