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How NEON Music Management Helps Artists in New England and Nashville!


North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management identifies opportunities for artists to take part in lucrative corporate events, charity functions, private functions, etc. These functions are often the key to financing an overall tour and giving artists the freedom to play events that might be strategically important, but not possible financially without coupling with other performances that help underwrite touring expenses.

North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management works with emerging artists who travel to Nashville to pursue their songwriting/artist career. We help to facilitate aspects of songwriter/performer trips to Nashville, including booking writers nights, arranging co-writing appointments, introducing songwriters to artists (and vice versa), workshop selection, etc.

North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management can help an artist with website construction, social media marketing, press kits (printed and electronic), posters, flyers, etc. And we do it in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management is a full service agency that helps New England live music venues book the best country artists from New England, as well as artists and bands touring New England from Nashville. 

By full service, we mean far more than just booking the best talent.  We are able to provide a wide array of services to venues.  This is possible due to the partnership between Matt Casey (Founder of New England to Nashville -over 700 artists are members) and Amanda Morneault, owner of The Harbor Agency (Specializing in Booking and Event Production).

We promote the shows through our network of partners and provide tools to the artists we represent to help them promote the shows they play in your venue. We can book anything from a solo acoustic performance to multiple band events including charity events, private functions and festivals.

North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management works with the most talented NETN artists in a variety of ways including venue bookings, private events, graphic design, and social media consultation.

Because New England to Nashville (NETN) has so many incredibly talented artists in its members only group, it also has a fast growing group of country music fans who are members of New England to Nashville Fans.  Therefore, we can help market the shows online where we book artists and provide marketing assistance to the venues and artists (i.e. show posters).

North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management can also help your venue with customized events, everything from coming up with the theme, marketing collateral, lineup, marketing plan, charitable partners, etc. We manage over 80 large events from Boston to Nashville in bars, clubs and live music venues. (ie: The Martha’s Vineyard Songwriting Festival,  Country Boys in  the City, Country Girls in the City, Countryoke, New England to Nashville Writer’s Nights).

We can’t wait to start bringing the best artists in New England to your venue, helping to make sure your establishment is filled with patrons!


North East of Nashville (NEON) Music Management can help you plan a party, corporate event, charity event, or any customized event you are interested in featuring live music. We can plan the entire event from artist selection, catering, venue selection (if not at a private residence) , marketing of the event and more!

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